Who Created Talk About It!™?

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My name is Lindsay Smith and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I founded Teen Therapy Center of Silicon Valley over 7 years ago to provide therapy exclusively to teens and their families. I love working with teens and have a deep desire for teens and the adults in their lives to be able to easily communicate about important topics.


Why Did You Create Talk About It!™?

As a therapist, I play games with my teen clients. There are a lot of good therapeutic games, but the teens get tired of playing them. I wanted to create a game that had the therapeutic component of great questions, that was fun, and that was multiple games in one so the teens wouldn’t get bored!

I also wanted the game to help other therapists and educators build rapport with their teen clients, learn about them as a person, and discover more about how they handle situations.

Most importantly, I wanted to create an easy way for parents to learn more about their teens. Teens often keep a lot of what is going on to themselves or share it just with their friends. Some parents ask lots of questions, with great intentions, but then the teen shuts down. I wanted to create a way for parents to easily learn more about their teen, while having fun!