The ultimate communication game!

12 fun games that bring you closer



Would you like the teens in your life to open up to you more?
The new card and dice game, Talk About It!™, helps parents, therapists, educators, and others build strong relationships with teens in a fun, simple, and low-pressure way!



With 12 games in one, Talk About It!™ can be used during family game nights, at the dinner table, in therapy sessions, classrooms, group meetings, and more. Eight topic decks and two dice will get everyone engaged in a game of their choice while opening the door to communication. Topics include Icebreakers, Values, Family, Friendships, Self-Esteem, Stress, Feelings, and Situations. Use one topic deck today to play Go Fish and a different topic deck tomorrow to play the dice game Knock Out.



Want to start the fun?

Use the icebreakers deck


Interested in knowing what’s important to your teen?

Grab the values deck


Wonder how your teen views the relationships within the family?

Try the family deck


Curious about what your teen looks for in a friend and how your teen is as a friend?

Go for the friendships deck


Want to know what your teen likes and dislikes most about him/herself?

Pull out the self-esteem deck


Questioning if your teen truly understands how to deal with stress?

Snatch up the stress deck


Interested in how your teen really feels?

Try out the feelings deck


Curious about how your teen thinks about problems, responds to issues, or reacts to events?

Choose the situations deck

I can’t tell you how much fun we had. Learned so much too!!
This puts a whole new spin on “game night”!
I will highly recommend this game to every parent with teens or preteens or even college!
Really any age is good!
I loved it!
Thank you!
— Raquel Alderman, Mother of a 16 year old, author of
I can’t think of a better way to have meaningful interactions between teens and adults in their lives than by playing Talk About It!™ I am really looking forward to using this resource on my middle school and high school campus.
— Melissa Mayes, Head of School at Fusion Academy, Los Gatos, California
I’m not usually that into games, but this was really fun. It made it easy to talk about things I wouldn’t normally bring up.
— 15 year old male
As a mother of 5 children, I struggle to keep my children engaged in a leading conversation. Most times I feel second to social media. This game is perfect. It is fun, friendly, and brings out the elephant in the room without awkwardness.
— Tina Alzaga, Eagle, Idaho
I really enjoyed playing this game. The questions were thought provoking and it was a good conversation starter. I also liked that it changed pace quickly.
— 18 year old female
The game was a great communication tool. My daughter felt like we were playing a game, while I was learning about her.
— Stacy Brooks, mother of 3, San Jose, California
My teen clients love playing games, yet a lot of the games are outdated. Talk About It!™ gives us a refreshing way to connect with our clients and allows them to easily open up. I love that we can use it in therapy and my clients can also play it at home with their families.
— Jassmen Berube, Marriage Family Therapist, Los Gatos, California
I got to learn more about my mom. I like that we got to talk about things that we wouldn’t have otherwise talked about. This was fun!
— 14 year old female


(The names of those 18 and under are not revealed for confidentiality purposes.)